Why choose us replicate your art?

We're a group of artists who, perhaps like you, have been
unable to find a printmaker that was able to achieve the level
of quality we desired. Especially regarding color correction and
attention to detail. Finally, in 1995, we decided it was time to
venture into the printing world ourselves. We purchased
state-of-the-art equipment and spent the next several years
refining our scanning, color correction and printing methods.
After much experimentation and collaboration with experts in
the field, we have developed a unique system that has resulted
in unparalleled levels of detail capture and color matching. We
now offer this service to other artists.

We're a small shop and usually handle small to medium runs.
We  have no minimum and don't require large orders to get a
fair price. You'll get our best price even if you only order one
print. We understand an artist's need to control costs so we
recommend printing your edition in small batches reordering
prints as needed.

What we'll need from you

Our unique system requires us to scan your original work. Our
proprietary scanning technique is the foundation of our
superior results. Be assured, your artwork will be handled with
the utmost care. We can, of course, work from transparencies
and digital files but our results will be limited by the quality of
those scans.

Printing Price:

10 cents per sq/inch on paper
12 cents per sq/inch on canvas (Uncoated)
14 cents per sq/inch on canvas (Coated)
Minimum charge per print $10 on paper, $14 on coated canvas

Setup Cost: (No setup charge for digital files)
For prints from your own digital files, there is no setup charge 
unless a proof is requested. $10 for a proof on paper, $14 for a 
proof on coated canvas.  Upload your image Here

Artwork that needs to be scanned: $75 for images up to 1200 sq. 
inches - about 30"x 40".  Contact us for the price of larger sizes.  
This charge includes scanning, color correction, and proofing.
All Setup Charges are one-time per image. ( 8MB file or storing the 
file with us, no charge. Full resolution copy can be obtained for an 
extra $75.)

Costs are determined by the print's image size, not the actual
paper size. Each print includes a up to 2" white border.
(Please contact us for more details)

Formula for Calculating your price:
Width x Height = Y
Y x (price per sq/inch) = Price

(Example: An 11" x 14" image would cost
$15.40/paper, $18.48/uncoated canvas, $21.56/coated canvas)

Contact Info:

Simon Peng
The Paul Duda Gallery
8912 Brecksville Road
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Telephone 440.526.3210
Thank you!
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